Holiday Advances

Offer Tax advances in December to all your clients, up to $500! We use your own retention to determine what your customers would get. Customers get super excited when they get a call or a text from our office offering a service like this in December, before Christmas!

How it works

  • $100 to $500 based on your own retention
  • Advances provided with Tax return Estimates
  • Start early before the competition, December 19th.
  • ERO is responsible for all advance losses
  • Simple Collection Process
  • ERO has to meet Minimum requirement
  • $39.99/App

Use Your Own Money

Spend out of your own pocket

Set Criteria's Set how you want to administer your advance program, set amounts, Set to Acks, set by retention or by type of return. Complete control across all account levels under your admin account. Import retention from your tax software.
Advance Collection Collect the advance money you give to your customers by the biggest banks in the industry. A line Item created and separated from your fee’s. Funds deposited in SB account the same time they always do, no wait time.
Connect to your own bank account Connect TaxShield to your own account and start printing checks. Set up is really simple. Upload clear check-file from your bank into TSS and update all clear checks. Get a clear picture of how much you’ve spent and how is still pending to hit your bank account.
Check Verification System Check verification is really easy and straight forward. Two ways check cashiers can verify a check is legitimate; first is by an automated tollfree line with a number that’s located on the physical check, second is here, on this website.


Print Checks

After adjusting your criteria, enable all your employee’s or owners under your admin account to process an application and print checks. Each check # is unique and will never repeat, so you can track it through our robust reporting!


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Print checks from your own account

Reporting - Access to detailed reporting. Find out what your collection rate is at the end of the season without Forensic accountants. Debt list, Watch report and much more to make sure your Advance program goes as planned.


Check verification system

When using one of the many integrated tax software partners, we’ve eliminated double entries! Once you’ve completed a return, simply click on a button and all of the Taxpayers info is automatically collected by TSS. All you’d have to do is verify the social security # and you’re almost done already! Shut off any employee or owner under your admin account, and they will be logged out of their account in real time.

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Employee Access Control

Control who’s able to print, reprint, or void checks. Shut off any employee or owner under your admin account and they will be logged out their account in real time. Assign them to a multiple stores or tasks.

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