Everything you need to grow your business. TaxShield was born out of necessity. The founders concept was simple: Have one platform to do what traditionally, you’d need several, innovative ways to automate and simplify marketing methods. Supporting our ideas by providing funding, so anyone can take advantage of these features to grow their business.

Everything you need to grow your business

Intuitive Software built for ERO’s by ERO’s

TaxShield was built on the idea that you can Run your entire tax business from your favorite coffee shop with ease, while increasing your volume every year. Based on the day to day needs of running a tax store, the TaxShield team was able to build this Application. As most innovation’s occur, TSS was built to answer a void in the industry.

  • Simply: Cause and Effect
    • We needed to monitor all calls for customer service quality purposes so we built the call tracking feature which not only allows you to listen-in to all calls, incoming or outgoing calls but also allows you to monitor your marketing dollars in real time so you can make smart decision in real time.[MORE]
    • Wanted to give our customers holiday Advance’s for Christmas in different location with customizable underwriting but didn’t have a way to do that so we built it. We were able to service thousands of happy clients not only helping retention but just having happy customers was all we needed to see.
    • Tired of using money orders or cash for referrals gave birth to the referral feature which is one of the most popular feature used on Taxshield Software. We’ve seen crazy growth in users across the nation.
  • Having all the solution in one platform made sense; which proved to be true and here we are!

The Tax Industry has become one of the most competitive industries in the past couple of years. It is imperative that owners seek products that are outside the box to differentiate themselves from their competitors. We know we’re that differentiating factor.
  • Referral & Advance Software
  • Referral program up to $50/referrer
  • Accept credit or debit cards
  • Holiday Advances up to $500
  • Text Message & Call Tracking
  • Increased Compliance and Training

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Meet Our Dedicated Team

The real heroes are here

Abiye Adane
He’s has Co-owned and operated a tax franchise for over 10 years before switching attention to helping ERO’s succeed in this industry.
Laeke Adane
Co-owned and operated a tax franchise for over 10 years, background in sales and operation.
Devon Johnson
VP of product
Devon is the guru of support. He get’s it done.
Sandeep Goswami
Head Engineer
Man of many talents, Sandeep turns concept to reality.